New Head Shot Editions released

By Huddle Team on 2014-09-15 13:55:11

HUDDLE Nation,

Today we’re announcing a new set of 2014 Base cards, called 2014 Base Head Shot Edition. All previously released base cards, called 2014 Base Action Shot Edition, have been sold out and will no longer be available in packs. If you own these cards already, you’re all good!

The 2014 Base AS Edition cards will continue to score PTS in the 2014-15 season and they’ll be nice additions to your permanent collection. If you do not have any 2014 Base AS Edition cards, don’t worry. Every player already released – and future, unreleased players – will come out in 2014 Base HS Edition.

Questions? We’re sure you’ve got a few. Here are some answers….

What happened to the AS Edition base cards?
All AS Edition base cards on HUDDLE are now sold out. They are no longer available in HUDDLE Store packs. But of course, you keep them in your permanent collection and they will continue to score PTS throughout this season.

Do AS Edition base cards score?
Yes, they will continue to score PTS when you start them on your line-up. They will retain the same value as they’ve always had. Heck, they might become even more valuable now that they are Sold Out.

Can AS Base Edition cards be traded?
Yes, they can be traded freely as they always have.

How do the HS Edition cards score?
Of course, they score the same as the AS Edition base cards. There will be the same rarity levels: common, uncommon, rare, scarce and super rare.

What happens to Awards?
There will be two sets of awards. There will be awards based on collecting 2014 AS Edition base cards, like the San Diego White 1 award. This award will become the San Diego White 1, AS Edition award. Those will be more difficult to obtain because those cards are sold out. In the coming days, we will release new awards based on the new 2014 HS Edition base cards. For instance, we’ll release a San Diego White 1, HS Edition award.

Do all previous Head Shot cards score? No. Just like always, cards from previous seasons do not score PTS ... only cards from 2014 score PTS.

Will there ever be action shots in HUDDLE again?
We’ll see HUDDLE nation, we’ll see!

When will I be able to purchase these new HUDDLE Head Shot cards?
You will start to see HUDDLE Head Shot images appear on the card sheet and in packs throughout the day, so hang tight!