By Huddle Team on 2015-09-23 18:16:00

Question: Will there be a VIP program in Huddle?
Answer: The HUDDLE VIP no longer exists!

Question: Why where the August VIPs not awarded with anything? The article canceling vip was in September.
Answer: August VIP cards were given out, but were late and were given out during the month of September, but they counted for August

Question: When will there be a card count on android I'm blind trading without knowing values?
Answer: We are working on fixing card counts on the back of certain cards. Should be good-to-go in the next update.

Question: Are TBTC gonna drop?
Answer: Yes, Turn Back The Clock (TBTC) inserts will drop. There has been a production delay, but don't worry, they should drop within the next few days.

Question: Will BOH, Editors Choice, FOTW and Fan Choice return? What about MNF inserts? Btw. Congrats on the launch!
Answer: Best of HUDDLE (BOH) will, indeed, occur again (another production delay), EC will occur, FOTW will not, and Fan's Choice will not. MNF inserts will not. And thanks for the kind words!

Question: Def one of question I wanna ask is why the checklist isn't up to par showing what we have and what we need so we know what to chase after?
Answer: The awards checklist had an engineering issue, but will be available in the next update, which is coming soon.

Question: On my break but if someone wouldn't mind asking these ?'s for me. A. Will we see a BOH? and B. Will there be permanent boosts? Thanks to anyone who helps
Answer: A) Yes. B) They will be permanent boosts but nowhere near the amount we released last season.

Question: When will tap joy work again?
Answer: We are working on fixing Tapjoy! We understand there have been issues. Trust me, this has not gone unnoticed!

Question: The points situation kills me every time. Will there be a time I can count on it to run smoothly?
Answer: We are working on PTS lag and trying to improve every week. Our engineers have been on this.

Question: I sent them a trade but I'm not waiting for a quick reply. I know they're busy and I hope they reply after they're done with this.
Answer: We are swamped today between a bunch of things, including this live chat, but will do our best to check trades at some point.

Question: Will there be anymore free cards?
Answer: There will be free cards from time to time. Keep in mind, we just gave out 6 FREE cards (Gridiron Greats cards).

Question: This question remains unanswered but has been asked many times - why no VIP or FOTW? Recognizing those fans who spend money and/or time only benefits Topps.
Answer: It was an internal decision that we felt was best for our staff and platform. This was discussed internally for SEVERAL months.

Question: Will our licensed cards exist next season once your NFL license expires or will they go away? This is important to us.
Answer: NFL license will continue to exist and your cards will not go away.

Question: When you go to card sheet>My Locked Cards, it auto filters "Cards I Need". You can't need a card you have locked. That's on all apps. Fix please? Thanks.
Answer: This is something that will be fixed in the future. Thanks for bringing it up.

Question: What no love for Philip River? Breaks Fouts record for TD passing and no milestone insert. It's not to last!!
Answer: Don't worry. Headlines and Milestones cards will occur again and are coming soon!

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