New Marathons Arrive! Introducing ... Star Wars: Rogue One - Widevision!

By SWCT Team on 2017-02-04 15:00:00

INTRODUCING the Star Wars: Rogue One - Widevision Marathon Set!

Collect iconic moments from Star Wars: Rogue One, presented in full Widevision!

Set Information:
15 Inserts (3 Waves of 5) + 4 Award Cards (Wave 1, Wave 2, Wave 3, and Overall)

NOTE: Based on fan feedback, the mechanics of our new Marathon sets will be different than what you may have previously experienced in Star Wars: Card Trader.

Marathons have now shortened to 15 weeks, with timely wave awards arriving upon the completion of each 5-week wave. Additionally, there will be an overall award card for collecting the entire set!

For the first 2 weeks of Star Wars: Rogue One - Widevision, the inserts will NOT be limited by card count, but instead will sell out after 1 week. After that, the rest of the releases will be LIMITED. This provides all fans the ability to get involved and join the fun.

Finally, all Marathon insert sets will not be starting the same week. There will be a marathon corresponding for each day of the week, but they will not begin immediately. Stay tuned for more updates!

1) Darth Vader & Director Krennic

Today's Insert Odds:
-1:30 chance at pulling an insert

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